💎 Swarm – Three Accounts 💎


Sometimes you have something to say and you’d like it heard. This is the product for you. All three accounts will publish your video. We like to call this horizontal marketing. More accounts means you will show up in more feeds! Plus you save a lot on the package deal!

Instagram User Name

Video Caption

Put in what you would like us to say in the caption. If you don’t include hashtags, we will put popular ones in. If you leave the whole caption blank, we will come up with something short and sweet. ***Please don’t enter anything here besides what you’d like to see posted. If you have comments, please Contact Us instead.


This product is a multi-account promotion. The video you enter in the “Instagram Video Link” will be posted to @Musical.Nation, @Hi.Watt and @Solo_Section.

We cannot process multiple(album) style posts, or IGTV posts. If you submit an album or TV for repost, the first video in the series will be reposted only.

Read our FAQ’s for more info!